Autoclave Upgrades and Repairs:

We can refurbish your existing autoclaves to full upgrades or any repairs that you may need, our engineers have many years of experience working on different autoclaves manufactures; relocations, fan/motor repairs, heating systems (GAS, Electric, Oil, Steam), etc.

Maintenance and Inspections of Autoclave:

We provide scheduled maintenance for your autoclave systems, which include full inspections and services of your Cooling System, Transducers and Valve Systems, Door system mechanisms, Heating System, Fan and Motor system, Vacuum system and all the items related to the functionality of your autoclave.

Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) and Calibration:

For TUS we provide Surveys carried out to ASM2750 and Proper report of readout vales. Calibration of devices, tooling thermocouples, Air thermocouples, Vacuum sensors and Pressure Sensors, an inspection and calibrations reports will be provided.

Controls Systems Upgrades:

We can remove the existing data acquisition unit and add new data acquisition hardware to the autoclave and American Autoclave composite processing software program upgrade, for better monitoring and cure of your autoclave; please call or email us for a quote.

Emission Testing:

This test is to monitor the emission your autoclave is producing from your GAS heating systems to determine the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide emissions from the autoclave burner system, will include a certified report.