Autoclave Control Systems:

Since 1968 American Autoclave Company has been a leading supplier of Turn-key Autoclaves and Control Systems for Aerospace, Automobile, Glass, Research, Medical Waste and other applications that require a tightly controlled environmental chamber.

All AACS commands, recipes, part setup information and cure control parameters are generated at the computer. This is accomplished by loading predefined recipes or operator input via the keyboard, touch screen or bar code scanner.

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American Autoclave Control Systems (AACS):

AACS is fully capable of tightly controlling autoclaves, ovens, hot presses and other process control streams.

AACS operates in a Windows environment on industrial strength state of the art computer systems.

AACS controls pressure, temperature, vacuum and other parameters through a PLC to insure your components are cured to specifications.

AACS provides full information security and complete process variables.